Endpoint components

NimDeploy Service #

This service facilitates the communication between the endpoint and the frontend. It is designed to start automatically and remain running at all times. If for some reason it isn’t running, the functionality of NimDeploy will be compromised. You can locate it in the Services section under the designation “NimDeploy Service”.
It runs the executable located at C:\Program Files\NimbleWorks\NimDeploy\Service\NimDeploy.Service.exe

NimDeploy TrayApp #

The TrayApp allows the user or IT admin to have a view of installed and required applications from the user’s device.

  1. Refresh button: press this to retrieve the latest information regarding schedules and pending packages.
  2. Reset button: press this to reset failed packages back to pending for another attempt at installation.
  3. Schedule/Start: If there is no schedule configured and no immediate deployment, press the Start button to start the deployment. If there is a schedule configured it will show the date and time of the next deployment and the Start button will be inactive.
  4. Pending packages: Packages that are assigned to this endpoint and have not yet been installed will show up in this box.
  5. History: this box gives a history of packages that went through the deployment and their status being: In progress, Finished and Failed