We are thrilled to introduce you to Nimble’s innovative solution for Automatic Application Lifecycle Managenment. Our service is designed to handle the tedious task of application updates, enabling you to concentrated on your essential business operations.

  • Automate Testing an Updating: We put our resources into automating your software testing and updates, providing significant time and cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security: Keep your software landscape constantly updated with the latest security solutions, thus reducing the risk of cybercrime-related financial losses and wasted time.
  • Pre-Tested Updates: Enjoy meticulously pre-tested updates for your applications to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimize downtime and risk related to application updates, thereby maintaining operational continuity.
  • TAP Cycle Utilization: Our Tap cycle enables us to first apply changes to the least critical devices before a broader rollout across your entire infrastructure.
  • Windows Devices Management: Easily manage your Windows devices, keeping them up-to-date and secure.
  • Clear Reports: With Nimdeploy, always have a clear overview of your system with detailed reports on the implemented updates.
  • Application Gallery: We keep over 100 applications up-to-date on your behalf, reducing the workload of your IT team.

This overview is just a tip of the iceberg of Nimdeloy’s capabilities. In the following sections of this manual, we will walk you through how to maximize the benefits of our service for you Windows devices and explore the full potential of automated application management.